Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+: Leaked Specs, Release date & rumours

Most of you would know that pictures of Samsung’s upcoming flagships S9 & S9+ have been leaked. If you have not watched yet, you can scroll down a little to watch latest leaked pictures of upcoming beast.

What’s New?

  • Fingerprint sensor orientation

  • Dual Camera

  • Faster Processor

  • Improved Iris sensor

  • Better Camera

  • UX Improvement



Galaxy S9 & S9+ will feature the same design as of S8 and S8+. But there may be slight changing like S8 & S8+ had fingerprint sensor on the right side of camera, S9 & S9+ will have fingerprint reader below the camera.


S9 will have single cam and S9+ is expected to have dual cam

Bezel in S9 & S9+ is little thicker than one in S8 & S8+.



As I already have mentioned, S9+ will have dual cameras while S9 is expected to adopt a single one. But these cameras will be much better than Note 8’s. It is expected that aperture will be F1.5 and F2.4 in S9+ and these two apertures will be changeable according to light condtions. S9 will feature 12MP camera while S9+ will have 12MP dual cams with OIS and dual aperture. Both phones will be introducing Super Slow Motion.



  • Same Screen size as S8’s
  • Infinity Display
  • Super Amoled panel

S8 and S8+ have 5.8 and 6.2 inch screen respectively. It is expected to remain same in S9 and S9+. S8 and S8+ have narrower screen unlike other phones, thanks to 18:5:9 ratios. S9 and S9+ are expected to keep this ratio constant.



  • Improved Processor
  • RAM expected to be 4GB

SnapDragon 845 chip is expected in S9 & S9+ but in some regions like in UK and EU, Exynos 9000 series will be introduced. RAM is still not confirmed for these beasts but probably, it would be 4GB or higher.

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Iris Scanner:

It is quite possible that Iris sensor will be much improved and will be able to work in low light conditions i.e day and night. If this happens, it may be the end of fingerprint sensors( Apple has already removed fingerprint sensor from iPhone X).


Are you planning to buy S9/S9+?

Other Features:

  • IP68 Water & Dust Resistance
  • Wireless charging
  • USB Type C
  • Android 8.0
  • DeX docking station

Release Data:

  • 25 Feb confirmed for Launch Event


Leaked Pictures

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