iPhone X vs Note 8 – Battle of the Conquerers

The battle between Apple and Samsung phones prevails. Both Samsung’s Note series and Apple’s iPhone series are known for their premium features and are sold like hot cakes. Let’s compare two newly released premium flagships by Apple and Samsung.


  • Specifications

  • Features




It’s obvious that premium phones offer premium display. iPhone X has 5.8 inch screen while  Note 8 has 6.3 inch. Samsung inserts Super Amoled display in its latest flagship, on the other hand, Apple places OLED display in iPhone X. Pixel density in OLED is 459 ppi while Super Amoled in Note 8 has pixel density of 622 ppi. Screen to body ratio of iPhone X is 82.35% while in Note 8, screen to body ratio is 82.98%. Both phones have almost similar screen to body ratio.  Note 8 has resolution of 1440 x 2960 while iPhone X has resolution of 1125 x 2436.


iPhone X can fit in pocket but higher resolution and higher pixel density of Note 8 has its own plus point.


Both phones have 12 MP Dual Cameras. Note 8. But the cameras in Note 8 has aperture F1.7 and F2.4 while that in iPhone X is F1.8 and F2.4. iPhone X has quad LED flash.Both phones have OIS and iPhone X has BACK ILLUMINATED Sensor (BSI). iPhone X has 7MP front cam and Note 8 has 8MP front cam. Both phones have different camera modes.But iPhone X lacks object tracking.


Note 8 having lower aperture gets a plus point here 

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Note 8 uses SnapDragon 835 while iPhone X uses A11 Bionic chip. Former is Octa core and later one is Hexa core.


iPhone X has 3GB and Note 8 has 6GB RAM.


Note 8 has 64GB built in expandable storage while iPhone X has 256GB.


Note 8 has 3300mAh battery while iPhone X has 2716mAh battery.

Which one would you buy?


  • Wireless charging (Both)


  • Iris sensor ( Note 8 )

  • Facial Recognition ( Both )

  • Water & Dust Resistance ( Both )

  • Fingerprint Reader ( Note 8 )

  • Stylus ( Note 8 )

What makes Note 8 more attractive?

iPhones don’t have any thing like stylus. Samsung’s Note series possesses S-Pen which makes Note series dominant over other phones. Note 8’s S-Pen is the reason which makes it dominant over iPhone X







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