Trendy Haircuts For Men

Start off your new year with some trendy, fresh look. Getting a haircut is the easiest way to make your style game stronger.

Short haircuts have always remain popular but medium and long hair are more common these days. Advantage of having long hair is that you can style them according to your will and occasion. And you can even try different haircuts of short or medium length with them.

Here are my predictions for the upcoming men’s hairstyle in 2018. These hairstyles are based on the trends that are gaining popularity and attraction. Picking the best trend for you depends upon your hair type, facial shape and styling ability. Find your favorite hairstyle and discuss with your barber that how this cut will work for you. You can even find out the pictures of those hairstyles with the same hair texture as you have and see the results of the haircut.

So, what are the current haircut trends around the world?

  • Long length with natural flow.
  • Textured sweep back.
  • Taper cut + side comb for wavy hair.
  • Side apart haircut.
  • Pompadour + Low fade.
  • Undercut + skin fade.

These haircuts will look better on the guys with thicker and longer hair. On to the haircuts, we will start with the longer one and move to the short hairstyle.


Slick looks with shinny hair are being replaced by more natural looking movement and matte looks. Difference between both the styles is the product you are using. start off with blow drying and end up your style by applying a Matte Clay with your fingers.


Textured haircuts are becoming more popular these days. This type of haircut looks even more sexier with short sides and swept back. In order to pull off a cool slicked back hairstyle, you must have straight long hairs. Use any styling product to maintain your hairstyle.

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If you have a natural curl in your hair then taper haircuts will go best for you. Comb your hair from one side and have your sides trimmed. The benefit of having wavy hair is that usage of styling products  becomes optional. Just comb your hair and you are done.


If you have medium length hair then this haircut is best for you. This haircut will look great with both trimmed sides and medium length hairs on sides. But I recommend that you should go for the medium length. Medium length hair also stays upright by just applying a little amount of wax or clay.


Ah! The humble pompadour. It is the most versatile and classic haircut which gives you an elegant and classy look for all kind of occasions and gatherings. It features trimmed sides and thicker hair on top. I’ve compiled some best pompadour haircuts for men.

  • Modern Pompadour.
  • Pompadour fade.
  • Side apart pompadour.
  • Undercut pompadour.
  • Wavy pompadour.

Although pompadour has proven itself an utterly timeless men’s hairstyle still you can add changes to it by giving it a modern look, skin fade, undercut and wavy style. You can easily own any version of this haircut as long as you feel confident with it. This style suits well if you have rounder face.

Start off with blow drying backward using a roller brush and add a little volume with your fingers and apply any styling product. Finally comb your hair and pat it down. You can even apply hairspray for extra hold.


Undercut hairstyles are most common in short length hair. Undercut goes best with the skin fade. You can have thicker hair on top with low fade. Styling product would be require to keep your hairs upright and to keep them in place.

(Avoid using glossy hair products with messy undercuts and rough scissor cuts. You can use matte styling products instead)

Keep in mind that these haircuts will only look better for you if you have the right length, texture, thickness and facial shape for the required hairstyle otherwise you’ll have to wait for 6-7 days after a haircut in order to get the desired look.



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