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Do you spend most of your time reading articles on the Internet? Have you also developed interest in writing articles? Do you also want  to write?


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What will you get?

  • Your articles/product reviews will be published
  • You will end up becoming an author
  • You will get Fame
  • It’s an opportunity for you, if you are a beginner
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What you need to know?

  • You must submit at least one article(at least 800 words)
  • You must have some knowledge of  WordPress
  • We prefer bloggers with niche in Tech.
  • You must have some idea of how to write a review
  • You must be comfortable with English

For anyone who wants to know about us.

Guidelines for Posts

You must follow all the guidelines if you are accepted for writing articles.

For Simple Article:

Any article(not review) contains images(minimum 4) and covers upto 800 words(minimum).

Article without images or lesser than 750-800 words will not be published.

Review Article:

If you are writing a review about any product, you must provide the Goods and the Bads of that product. The pictures of that product are crucial as well.

Comparison Article:

If you are comparing two or more products, you must compare the features. Images of both products should be adjusted properly. For any idea about comparison, read this post. 

P.S: You cannot place affiliate links in your post. Any post considered spam, will be neglected.

Tips to write a successful article

  • Insert images wherever needed
  • Build Internal Links
  • If link opens into another site, mention in brackets like (wikipedia.com)
  • For review, provide goods and bads

If you have any confusion regarding any issue, contact us here.

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